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The Kennedy Heights Montessori Center was founded in 1965 by a group of neighborhood residents wishing to provide a beneficial pre-school experience for their young children. The school was organized as a parent co-operative with a philosophy and curriculum based on principles developed by Maria Montessori.

Original Location

The school originally was located in the Kennedy Heights Presbyterian Church. In 1976, with the opening of the Woodford Paideia School and Recreation Center, the school moved to space in the Recreation Commission portion of the new building. This joint venture helped the Montessori Center provide high quality programming at a reasonable cost to families and continues to be a successful example of public/private cooperation.

Full Day Program Established

With the move, the Center added a full extended day program to the half-day Montessori classroom experience. A building addition constructed in 1990 increased capacity for full-day programming as well as improving existing classroom space.

Present Day

In 2009, Cincinnati Public Schools tore down the Woodford Paideia School and Recreation Center, along with our building, to create a new school. At that time, we lost our space and began operating in the annex of the St. Peter’s United Church of Christ on Ridge Road. We are now in our new permanent space at 6620 Montgomery Road Unit 1.