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Parent Co-Op

 Who We Are

As a parent co-op, the Kennedy Heights Montessori Center considers parental involvement central to our earl childhood educational mission.

Many studies have shown that children do best in school when they enjoy active support from their parents. At Kennedy Heights, the school could not function without that involvement.

Parents are invited to be partners in their child’s education through regular interaction with teachers, invitations to chaperone field trips and by attending special events. Parents also are expected to work for the school through committees that perform various vital tasks including cleaning and maintenance, fundraising, marketing and social events. Some parents also support the work our teachers do by serving as class secretaries.

Parents also play central roles in governing the school. The parent-led Board of Trustees, with approval from parents as a group, sets the school’s budget and fees. It also selects the director and decides various policy matters.

The hands-on work of parents is important to keeping some budget expenses under control. More importantly, direct involvement of parents helps build a personal level of commitment to the school and to the success of their child’s education.