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KHMC Statement on Racial Justice

Statement on Racial Justice

At Kennedy Heights Montessori Center, we stand with our Black students, families, and community members in protest against police brutality and systemic racism.

It has always been our mission to serve a diverse student body that reflects the Kennedy Heights neighborhood and surrounding communities. Our teachers and staff aim for racial representation in the classroom through a variety of books, toys, work materials, and learning aids. However, we recognize the need for more active anti-bias/anti-racist education, training, and policies/procedures. We will be implementing the following initiatives:

We will work to ensure the diversity of our school in the years to come, starting with the toddler program, which has traditionally been private-pay. Through a generous donation, we have established a scholarship to allocate two spots in the toddler program to low-income and minority students. We want to remove barriers to accessing high-quality early education services.

Post-pandemic, we plan to establish an adult lending library with resources regarding racism, white privilege, and anti-Blackness, as well as works by Black authors and artists. We hope this serves as a tool for learning and a pathway to advocacy.

We will immediately be exploring ways to bring anti-racist trainings to faculty and staff, and it is our goal to offer this to families as well. We aim to create opportunities for conversation among the KHMC community.

Anti-bias, anti-racism, and diversity initiatives will be an agenda item at every future Board meeting. As a reminder, Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month and are open to all KHMC parents and caregivers. We encourage open dialogue and we welcome your voice.