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Frequently Asked Questions

For Future Familes:

How old does a child have to be to attend Kennedy Heights Montessori Center?

Currently, all children accepted into our program must reach their third birthday before the first day they begin attending the 3-6 program.  They must reach their second birthday to attend the toddler program.

We haven’t quite mastered toilet training just yet, can my child attend KHMC?

All students must be completely toilet trained before the first day of attend the 3-6 program.  They do not need to be toilet trained to attend the toddler program.

I would like to send my child to KHMC for Kindergarten. Is that possible?

We will consider enrolling children who have not had any previous Montessori experience for their kindergarten year as long as we have space and after the interview process we feel KHMC would be a good fit for your child.

What are your class ratios?

There is a maximum of 20 children with 2 teachers per class in the 3-6 program.  There is a maximum of 12 children in the toddler program with 2 teachers per class.  There is a maximum of 10 children in the Extended Day groups with 1 teacher.

Where do children go after KHMC?

Most go to Nativity, Sands Montessori, Pleasant Ridge Montessori, or North Avondale Montessori.

How do you handle discipline?

Maria Montessori believed that true discipline is an inner process and arises from the child’s respect for the environment and those who inhabit that environment with him. At the Montessori Center we encourage the development of self-discipline by a few simple ground rules, clearly explained, and the opportunity for the child to make choices and take responsibility for his actions.

If misbehavior occurs, we give the child the opportunity to discuss the matter with the peer or adult involved. Every attempt it made to help the child deal with his actions in a gentle, non-confrontational way, which preserves his self-respect. However, actions have consequences and children must learn to govern themselves with knowledge of the consequences. The child benefits when home and school are in agreement on methods of discipline. We do not make it a practice to report small misdemeanors. They are part of growing up and learning to live with others. If more serious infringements such as aggressive behavior toward other children occur we will let you know so that our help to the child can be consistent.

Do you accept Hamilton County Vouchers and United Way?

Yes, for children in the 3 – 6 program.  In addition, we also have a Tiered tuition system based on family income