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Kennedy Heights Montessori Center would like to thank the following donors for their support of our program, students and vision.

Grant Donors
George and Margaret McLane Foundation
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Summer Camp Donors
United Dairy Farmers
The Adventurous Child, Inc.
Pioneer Services
Flynn and Company, Inc.

Capital Fund Donors

Golden Beads
Cheryl and Ian Foley

Broad Prisms
Brian and Kelleen Bradley
Tina and Tim DuMont
Dawn and Ron Freudenberg
Michael and Fran Harmon
Cecelia and Duane Holm
Ben Pipkin and Kathy Kesler

Constructive Triangles
John and Kendra Blessing
Joe Feldhaus and Marcheta Gillam
Roger and Pat Fry
Keith Herrell
Julie Langtim and Louis Proietti
Bill and Mary Lennard
Jeff and Stacy Stainton

Geometric Solids
Tony and Jill Barlow
George and Deirdre Beluan
BJ Gardner
Kevin and Beth Glass
David Gruber and Esperanza Tovar
Donald Gruber
Jonathan and Jane Kopke
Peggy and Alan Shukairy

Beth and Tony Brown
Sharon Butler and Karl Dye
Peg and Larry Clifton
Jane and Christopher Connolly

For information on becoming a Capital Fund Donor, please contact us.