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KHMC provides children with an education that helps them reach great heights throughout their academic career. Here are some recent testimonials from KHMC families.

1. Why did you decide to send your child to KHMC?
2. What is your favorite aspect of KHMC?
3. What did your child experience at Kennedy Heights Montessori Center that they wouldn’t have at another school?
4. How do you describe KHMC to your family, friends and neighbors?

Why did you decide to send your child to KHMC?

“Our niece was enrolled in KHMC, and her parents speak volumes about how well she was doing, how much they liked the staff, etc. Our son had also visited his cousin at school on several occasions and was infatuated with the place!” — Erin T. McGrath

“I loved the message of peace and unity of people that the school sends and practices daily. I wanted my son to be able to learn what he needed to and not what an entire class needed.” — Tamara Brewer

“My mom taught at KHMC for 30+ years. I loved learning about the philosophy growing up. She was passionate about her work and took pride as part of the staff. It just made sense that I would want my daughter to be a part of such a great place to learn.” — Vicki Zaya

“We were looking for a Montessori experience that was intimate, diverse, and pure. I love that the first time I called I was welcomed to come to the school whenever and we were immediately welcomed into the ‘family’.” — Alison Zlatic

“I decided to send my child to KHMC because I attended KHMC as a child and it was great! I agree with the way that the teachers introduce topics to the children.” — Tara Hessel

What is your favorite aspect of KHMC?

“My favorite aspect is the people. From the teachers and staff to the fellow parents, there is a great atmosphere of working together for the benefit of the children. I love the curiosity that my children have developed at KHMC. My daughter completed the kindergarten program and left with a true love of learning.” — Melanie Prevost

“My favorite aspect of KHMC is the natural flow of the day. It fits the lifestyle I have created for my son.” — Jaime Bryant

“Staff – caring, know how to handle the students with respect (no yelling)…just the ability to redirect and call their attention to improper behavior in a non-threatening way.” — Cheryl Foley

“I love everything from the Fall Festival, the summer camp option (including weekly field trips) and the extended care convenience and the consistency this offers my full day child.” — Kate Merz

“…we love the diversity of the students and staff. It is a true microcosm of the world and the area we live in. I think it has definitely benefited our son to be exposed to different cultures, ethnicity’s, and life stories – not only because of who he is with at school, but also the school’s mission to ensure diversity is a part of the larger discussion (lessons, community, and overall world view) the children are exposed to.” — Erin T. McGrath

“The caring teachers, staff and administration! The teachers really get to know my child and work to meet his needs and foster his growth.” — Wendy & Ed LeBorgne

What did your child experience at Kennedy Heights Montessori Center that they wouldn’t have at another school?

“More structure, leadership from peers, focus on peace, teaching by teachers.” — Courtney Wasson

“The dedication and energy of teachers and staff who love what they do.” –Tracey Nugent

“A very real sense of a true school community where cooperation is key. A place where he feels confident, supported and is encouraged to try new things.” –Tamara Brewer

“Teachers with Montessori educations and very low turnover, fantastic extended day program that incorporates Montessori and provides continuity from the preschool part of the day to the extended care, fun summer program that continues to incorporate Montessori, an atmosphere of caring not just between the teachers and students but also between the students.” — Melanie Prevost

“My child experiences a close relationship with his teachers and peers, a very organized and structured learning environment, and a balanced daily meal.” — Jaime Bryant

How do you describe KHMC to your family, friends and neighbors?

” I describe a loving, learning environment to my friends and family when speaking about KHMC. Most of the time, I do not need to describe KHMC, my child shows off their great work! People are always so impressed with the things she knows.” — Tara Hessel

“It is an authentic Montessori program with dedicated staff. Each child receives individualized instruction and I feel like the gifts in each of my children are being nurtured in a peaceful environment.” — Alison Zlatic

“One school of many we toured, but the only one where we knew instinctively this was the place for our kids.” –Tracey Nugent

“Authentically Montessori since opening in 1967. My child interacts with other children ages 3-6 each year they ‘move up’ in their class and become leaders for the younger children. They stay with the same teacher all three years so both the teacher and student know each other very well and grow together. Watching my child get so excited about learning is well worth the tuition and commute!” — Cheryl Foley

“It’s an amazing school with a great reputation. They are solid in what they do in the classroom. Olivia has learned so much in the past year. I am amazed at her concentration and ability to work independently. She is able to problem solve and be independent.” — Vicki Zaya

“We are lucky to have found KHMC. We weren’t sure where we wanted to send our son, but knew public school was not for us. Trying to decide where was the scariest part. We checked it out based on recommendation, but I have to say that once you meet the staff you’re hooked!! YOU ARE IN. We knew it was the right choice; the overwhelming feeling of ‘THIS IS IT’ drover our decision. I know financially it can be difficult, but we felt the benefits far outweighed this or any other concerns and will never regret that decision. If you can make this happen, it will be the best decision you can make for your child to start them on the right foot in education and life.” — Erin T. McGrath